Bloom with the Moon


It’s time to fully embrace and align with the moon’s beautiful energy and this crystal it is the perfect beginners kit for crystals and moon cycles. Tap into the internal superpower with our closest celestial body, mamma moon!

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Imagine that the lovely moon is playing just for you – everything makes music if you really want it to.

It’s time to fully embrace and align with the moon’s beautiful energy. This crystal kit will give you all you need to tune in and create your own moon phase practices with confidence and clarity.

The Bloom with the Moon kit contains the perfect crystals to connect with the moon energy of every phase, an explanation of what energy each crystal brings to you and a guide to align with each lunar phase. This crystal set has been created to deepen your understanding and connection to the moon cycle and support you in manifesting your dreams and desires.

This is a beautiful energy kit with all you need to guide you through the phases of each magical lunar cycle. Your kit includes a guide on how to use everything inside plus:

  • Cleansing Palo Santo
  • A bespoke spell candle from Phoenix Candle Company
  • An abundance cheque to manifest that cash!
  • A pack of our custom moon melts by Exmouth Melt Company
  • Eight carefully chosen crystals, cleansed using water from Glastonbury’s Chalice Well water and charged ready for use during all moon phases. Crystals include: Selenite, Moonstone, Lapis lazuli, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Howlite, Fluorite and Yellow Carnelian. Your kit also includes a guide on what each crystal means, when to use and charge them.
  • A full guide to the moon phases and how you can harness the energy of each phase.
  • Rituals for the new and full moon.
  •  A guide to cleansing, charging and connecting to your crystals.

Please note that size, colour and shape may vary from that pictured but will always be just as beautiful and packed with the same magical energy. These crystal collections have been carefully, ethically and mindfully curated. The crystals are not an alternative to seeking medical advice. Using the right crystals may help with your mindset, intentions and mood.